Create Custom Zoom Client with Windows SDK



I have some doubts about how deploy a Custom Zoom Client from Zoom Windows SDK. I usually work in java environments. I have been playing with sdk_demo_v2 in Visual Studio 2017 and it works ok. Now, I would like to understand what´s the best option to do a customize Zoom Client.

  1. It´s possible to use sdk_demo_v2 as base project? In this way, I see that this project use some XML resources to paint the windows in the client. Is there any way to see this resources in a friendly design app? In Visual Studio I can´t see the differents windows of the client.

  2. I have a C# project, it´s possible to use sdk.dll and replicate all the sdk_demo_v2 functionality? or I need a Visual C++ project?

I am very sorry for my doubts.
Thanks so much.
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Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Support Forum.

We have received your request and will be responding to it shortly.