9 Month Release Window Delayed?

Hi Zoom,

Is it true that this 9 Month release Window has been delayed? If so are the iOS and Android SDK’s affected by this and could you place a notice or an update on this such that it is clear?

Note : We will be delaying the implementation of the 9-month release window requirement for all Zoom accounts and users. We plan to introduce the update policy at a later date, and will share additional information when we get closer to implementation.

Hi @kaitlynnst, thanks for the post.

Since the note you are referring to mentions that this impacts all Zoom accounts/users, this will also apply to users joining through our SDKs. Once we have any additional information, we will be sure to keep everyone updated. In the meantime, we definitely recommend staying as close to the latest version of the SDK as possible in order to make the transition easier down the road. :slightly_smiling_face:


@jon.lieblich So is this a definite yes or no? Has this has been delayed or no that this has been implemented from Zoom or not?

Hi @kaitlynnst,

Yes, the information linked to in your post is accurate and applies to the SDKs.


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