Writen confirmation that Nov 5 deadline will only affect Authentication

Dear team,
We have to deploy our updated Meeting SDK based app to production but our customer have asked a writen confirmation that no other changes will be applied on November 5th.
They are affraid to find audio or video issues that could affect the results of using our tool on Nov. 5-6 weekend.
Can you help us by sending a link to official explanation including the scope of the change?
Maybe a reply through e-mail of this topic?
Thanks in advance for your collaboration
Best wishes

Dear Team,
Can you please send us a reply of our petition in order attent our customers requirements?
Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry we missed this post. This is a link to the minimum version policy – SDK minimum version policy. The TLDR is that Zoom will end-of-life old SDK versions on a quarterly schedule. You can expect a given version to have a shelf life of at least 9 months before it gets the end-of-life treatment.