A sample web-app for creating a Zoom meeting


I am new to the forum and web-development in general. I’ve never wrote JS so please keep in mind when answering.

I have a simple task. I need to create a webpage where I can make a Zoom meeting and invite by email a particular person. Is there a coherent web-app somewhere that does something similar, that I can just copy and use.

I don’t know if it’s me or Zoom’s documentation is very poorly maintained, but I can’t find a simple example anywhere!

Any help is appreciated,
Thank you

Hi @andrey.eleven,

Thank you for using Zoom developer forum. You can use our sample-app-web SDK linked below to send invites by email to a particular person. Additionally, the web client lets end users join a meeting, receive screen share from other attendees, join the meeting through the phone and leave the meeting.

Let me know if this helps.