Ability to preview audio and video of a user

Dear developers,

currently, we use a separate computer to pin/isolate every user onto a secondary screen each. The visual will be fed into a hardware video switcher like Barco E2 or a software video switcher like Vmix.

We will then composite a final program mix to be the spotlight for the audience.

We are looking at the ability to preview the sound level and quality of each of these users we are about to pin-up so that we can QC them before they are live on our composite layout.

Because if a panelist were to unmute themselves during a live webinar, they will be heard by everyone.

So, as a command centre for zoom webinars/meetings, we, on the backend, would like an option to preview the sound before they go live. Very much like a sound mixer checking the sound quality and level on the pre-fader before it goes live.


Hi ranvier, i hope that devs can implement something of this, is an important request.

In the meantime… can I take the opportunity to ask you how do you compose and isolate users for spotlighting? I mean… you have to isolate them resizing their video from the gallery view? And…if those clipped video changes on the fly?
You found a way to send to the mixing video software or hardware console that singles videos as separate “items”, so that is possible to manage and mix them?

In fact, I asked to the support to add the NDI technology, exactly for this purpose.

Thanks for the answer (you or others as well)

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Pin on either primary or secondary screen is the key for isolation.