Ability to Record at the end of a meeting


I work in software and we use Zoom for demonstrations of our software constantly. Most of the we record these demos so people can watch them later. However, it happens (with new sales engineers, and when I’ve messed with my settings) that we forget to hit record.

Of course, at the end of hte meeting the person we’re talking to says: “did we record this? I’d love to share it with others”. Of course if we didn’t hit record at the first then we’re out of luck. Would be awesome if (like my DVR at home) I could just hit record and it would save the entire meeting no matter how much time had passed in meeting.

An end of meeting “forgot to hit record” button!


Hi Chris, there is an option in the meeting scheduling to auto start recording when the meeting starts. we are legally obligated to notify all participants in the meeting when the recording starts. thanks