Show time from the beginning of the recording

Zoom shows the time passed, always from the beginning of the meeting.

I want to be able to write down time marks during an interview. (for cuts and edits)
Because of that, i need zoom to show the time, starting from the beginning of the recording.

That would make my life a lot easier.

Another solution would be, that zoom offers a shortcut (key) for markers. These cut be written into a simple text file. That would be even more awesome.


Hi @Unkas,

Welcome to the community.

This forum is only intended for developers using the Zoom SDK and API. Therefore it’d be better if you can leave your feedback at which will then be sent to the relevant team.

I agree though, this would be an awesome feature!


Ok, thanks. I did that. You could delete my 3 topics then, as i apparently cant do that.

Do we have to call from phone numbers while using zoom.?