Ability to remap ESC while sharing the screen

Hi :vulcan_salute:

When I’m sharing the screen and pair-programming I don’t want to see the floating control panel. There is a menu option to hide those controls, but they immediately pop-up back if press ESC. And I do press ESC a lot, given that my code editor is Vim. Is there a way to disable or alter this behavior? I couldn’t find any related settings :pensive:

There is “Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + H” shortcut, which can also be made global and I’d like to have the ability to disable/remap ESC, so that it doesn’t steal the focus system-wide, unless I explicitly state it.

Can you give me instructions on how I could achieve the same effect myself? I’m a dev, if you could give the name of the plist file and the defaults command to run, I’ll gladly do it bypassing the UI. The setting I want is to remap that particular ESC to a shortcut of my choice.