Disable HotKey in Windows SDK

I am using zoom SDK for windows applications.
Now I am gonna disable Alt+S hotkey so that clients can’t enter share screen option.
Need urgent help with this.
Thanks in advance

Hi management.bam.websi,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently, we do not have any interfaces to disable the hotkey. I will forward this as a feature request to the engineering team and we will look into the possibility of supporting this in the future.


Thanks for your reply.
Then is it possible to disable the dialogue pop up when we press Alt + S?
At is showsharingoptiondialog?
If we can disable it, I think it will be same as disable Alt+S

Hi management.bam.websi,

If you would like to disable the share feature, you may use the redirectClickShareBTNEvent(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-windows/class_i_meeting_u_i_elem_configuration.html#a5a0e2d4b14076391c268bf6df0f99d66) to redirect the share screen request. The hostkey Alt+S is to trigger this screen sharing feature, if the screen sharing is being redirected, then the pop up won’t show up.

Hope this helps. Thanks!