Ability to Save Other's Recurring Meetings (i.e. daily classes/organization meetings)

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to save other people’s recurring meetings. I know personal recurring meetings are saved under the “Meetings” tab but that seems to be the only recurring meetings saved. A solution could be the addition of a “saved meetings” section were we can store meeting links or codes that we need. Another way something like this could be implement would be the ability to pin meetings to the “Recent Meetings” dropdown menu, however, that limits the amount one could save to however many recent meetings show up. This would be very useful for students and any individuals who have multiple recurring meetings every day or week.

Current workarounds are using organizational chats/websites and personal notes to store the various links needed. While this isn’t a make or break issue, it would be much easier to have a central Zoom location to store all my meetings for the week.