Allow users to pin/save recurring meeting links in desktop client OR add existing recurring meeting to Chat Channel

Allow users to pin recurring meeting links to their desktop client, or keep a bookmark list of “favorite” Zoom links in their desktop client, so that they can easily click to join recurring meetings or meetings they’re going to. Currently you can only see a list of the meetings that you own. Or, allow enterprise users to invite or restrict Zoom sessions to only a certain set of internal users so that the link will show up in their Zoom desktop client to click to enter.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Students have to enter the Zoom classrooms through Canvas LMS which launches in the web interface first, meaning they are sometimes entering classrooms without a login or with a personal or other login if they accidentally don’t allow it to launch in the app. It also creates lots of extra steps for our students to have to login to the LMS to access the Zoom links.

Describe the solution you’d like
Allow users to keep a list of “favorite” Zoom links in their desktop client so that they can easily click to join recurring meetings or meetings they’re going to.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Keeping Zoom links in Bookmarks, but that still launches in the web interface first. I want it to be completely internal to the desktop client. I tried creating a channel, but we can’t assign a specific recurring meeting ID as the meeting space for the Channel.

Additional context


I think this is a great idea.


If you ask me this is a must. Think daily school meetings with several teachers.


Come on zoom - this is a no-brainer. Make it happen and increase loyalty through ease-of-use.


Maybe allow us to set up links to repeating meetings that we need to join within the zoom application itself instead of as a link on our desktop. Thanks.


Upvote plus one for sure!


I totally agree. As a student, there are way too many steps for me to get to my meetings. Creating some kind of favorites list or “link library” will definitely make things much more convenient and increase ease of use.

It is so frustrating not having this feature. I waste so much time resharing meeting ID, passwords and links, and I am sure its less secure everytime I resend a link. And its frustrating to go to have to go to a website to launch a meeting hosted by someone else every week.
How can I get people who struggle with computer literacy to use Zoom when its this hard.

Spot-on! I have just spent 30 min trying to save (irregularly) recurring meeting IDs and PWDs in the Zoom Desktop Client before hitting on this post. I perfectly concur with the Describe the solution you’d like. I second the Describe alternatives you’ve considered and the preference expressed there.
We have password-protected meeting IDs for nine different teachers, some of which are not given as links including the password, so that I keep on frantically copying meeting access details between lessons. If I could just save clickable meeting shortcuts (for meetings I do not own) within the Zoom Desktop Client…!
As states: “a no-brainer”