Ability To Set Breakout Room Options From iOS SDK

Breakout rooms include options that get set before the rooms are open. I would love and be truly grateful if you provide the ability to define these options from the iOS SDK:

Proposed API Usage:
let boSettings = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()?.getBOSettings()

  1. Allow participants to choose room:

  2. Allow participants to return to the main session at any time:

  3. Automatically move all assigned participants into breakout rooms:

  4. Autoclose breakout rooms after 30 minutes:
    boSettings.setAutoCloseTime(minutes: 30)

  5. Countdown after closing breakout room:

  6. Set countdown timer 60 seconds:
    boSettings.setCountdownTimer(seconds: 60)

NOTE: I’m envisioning this happening before calling startBO