About automatically issuing meeting ID's using the API

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< What I want to achieve >
・I want to build a mechanism to automatically issue meeting URLs using API (Conference organizers create with real user IDs)
Example: If user A holds 10 meetings in a day, user A wants to create 10 hosted meetings using API’s Creating meetings, etc.
・However, we do not want all users to have permission to create, delete, update, etc.
Reason) To prevent the update or deletion of meeting information on unrelated users due to incorrect operation/setting of the application, you want to issue/update meetings only on specific users.

< Questions >
Looking at the reference etc., it seems that even if the API mechanism is created, it is not possible to execute it with a target user. Is there any way to restrict the user to execute it?
For example, if you create a group on Zoom, the creating meeting API will only target users who belong to that group. It would be ideal if we could do something like that.

We are in a bit of a hurry with this matter, and it would be very helpful if you could give us your opinion as soon as possible, even if it seems to be possible or not.



You can create a user using the “custcreate” option. Users created with this action do not have passwords and will **not** have the ability to log into the Zoom web portal or the Zoom client. These users can still host and join meetings using thestart_urlandjoin_url` respectively. To use this option, you must contact the Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) sales team.

Hi @ojus.zoom ,

Thank you for your answer.

Can you provide documentation for the “customcreate” option and “start _ urlandjoin _ url”?
Also, is there any other way to realize it?
I want to be able to do that with the API.