About live transcription not working with Web Meeting SDK (Component View) v2.5.0 or later

We have confirmed the following issues with Web Meeting SDK (Component View) v2.5.0 or later.
Do you have a solution for each?
①: When I join the meeting, I get an error that the user ID is incorrect (*The user ID is not specified here)
②: The automatic transcription function cannot be enabled


Can you share how you are handling using the Web Meeting SDK (Component View) and 3rd party closed caption API to display subtitle text on the full transcript screen? Can you share the snippet of code that handles displaying the subtitle text ?

I have posted this same error in a thread the other day… The same “user id is not correct” also causes hosts video to not be displayed on a participants mobile device, i have not received a reply about it yet though. This bug was introduced after SDK 2.6.0.

In this case, we have not implemented the display processing of subtitle text. I think that both ① and ② are errors output from the standard functions of the Web Meeting SDK (Component View). ① is an error that is output unconditionally when joining a meeting. (2) outputs an error when the button is pressed. (It is a behavior that there is no reaction even if the button is pressed.)

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