About LiveTranscription of Web Meeting SDK (Component View)

Please tell me about live transcription of Web Meeting SDK (Component View).
Currently, as shown in the screen below, externally using a 3rd party closed caption API,
I’m trying to display subtitle text on the full transcript screen,
The text should read “This is an encrypted message”. Is there a way to get this to display correctly?

The SDK version uses 2.4.5,
Using 2.5.0 or above, the live transcription itself doesn’t seem to work,
The “This is an encrypted message” text itself is not displayed.
Can you tell me about this too?
(I can’t solve the problem using 2.8.0 released today)

*By the way, it has been confirmed that the Meeting SDK (Client View) is displayed correctly in the same way.

Thank you for posting – happy to help @h_ma3da! First, can you share if you are still seeing the same issue when displaying the 3rd party closed caption on the full screen when using Web Meeting SDK (Component View)?

It behaves the same in full screen. Again, the text is subtitled in encrypted form.

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