About multiple domain verification


I’m working on an “Oauth type” and would like to publish it on the ZoomAppMarketplace.

I would like to publish on the ZoomAppMarketplace.

I’m currently stuck at the domain verification part.

I’m trying to verify the domain, but it doesn’t work because of the following symptoms.

This is why I am contacting you.

The following domains are different.

What if I want to verify multiple domains?

  1. Redirect URL for OAuth (Production)

  2. Endpoint URL (Deauthorization notification)

  3. Direct landing URL (Adding your app…)

  4. Documentation URL (Links)


App credentials of, production In Client ID, Client Secret so,


when you call

無効なリダイレクト: https://XXXX (4,700)

I get an error saying

Development In Client ID, Client Secret Now it works fine.

OAuth allow list

I’m also adding it to , but where is the cause?

The best method here is to use a single domain and create a CNAME or redirect for your domains so that your production resources fall under the same domain.

In the future, we’ll look into supporting multiple domains if we see high enough demand.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

I think it’s very common for the service domain and the documentation (help) website to be on different domains. How can I solve this?