Publishing a marketplace app for multiple domains

I have a single app which handles OAuth and API calls. I want to use that app from many white-labelled progressive web apps on multiple domains. I know about using a base URL for the whitelist. I know about using any for the redirect. But…

When I try to publish I enter a specific URL when prompted for " Your domain address" I see multiple errors saying " The following URLs do not belong to the domain specified above".

How do I overcome these issues?

I ran into the same problem for my app, which is also distributed between multiple domains. As you also found out, Zoom requires all of your production links to be under the same domain.

Unfortunately, Zoom does not provide a solution to this problem. For my solution, I ended up creating a separate service, whose sole purpose was to act as a communication layer between Zoom and my app. This service was able to live on a single domain and direct Zoom requests to the appropriate app URL.

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Thanks for the solution @j.herman! :slight_smile:

@chris_godo, feel free to add multiple domain support as a feature request here: #feature-requests