About PKCE support

I would like to know if and when PKCE is officially supported.
Because I want to use PKCE authentication with MeetingSDK.

There was an explanation of the PKCE flow from before, but I am aware that it was not officially supported around February.

A tutorial has been released recently, but I can’t judge if it’s an official support announcement.

Maybe I just haven’t found it.

@akio ,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum – happy to help cairfy. Yes, it is my understanding that PCKE flow is supported for the Android SDK.

Hi @donte.zoom

Thanks for the reply.
I was able to figure out that the SDK supports the PKCE flow.

Since when is it supported?
Also, was there a clear announcement?

Thank you for your response, @akio ! PCKE has been supported for the Andriod SDK for a while now. However, the updated support documentation we published earlier this year. Please make sure to subscribe to our blog, change log, and developer guides topics for the latest news, updates, and fixes. You can also find Announcements here :

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