About zoom app not displaying data in zoom meeting

Zoom Apps Configuration
The tech stack used in building this app is (React, Hapi.js, Node.js )

I am trying to integrate our organizations webapp to zoom marketplace which enables to use this app in zoom meetings. For that, I followed the configuration of the zoom sample app (i.e GitHub - zoom/zoomapps-sample-js: A Hello World Zoom App built with Vanilla JS ) and configured our organization app. After authorization , i’m using zoom get api to get my details and display.

using the api, I was able to display the data in the browser but i was not able to display the same data on the first page of zoom app created in zoom meeting. When i’m clicking on the zoom app in zoom meeting, it was resulting in showing the white page always. but the console.log() while clicking on the app in zoom meeting is having data and status returned is 200. but still i can’t see the data in zoom meeting.

when i tried with sample app, i was able to see the data in both browser and the zoom app in zoom meeting. whereas , when i tried with our organization app it’s not same.

code snipped used :
const zoomContext = request.headers[‘x-zoom-app-context’];
console.log(‘zoomContext’, zoomContext);
if (!zoomContext) {
return reply(‘Login PageLogin with Zoom’);
const stringPayload = ‘Welcome to your Zoom App in the meeting!’;
console.log(‘zoomContext’, zoomContext);
console.log(‘stringPayload’, stringPayload);
return reply.view(‘zoom_page’);

any suggestions to resolve this issue?