Can I run a React app from Zoom App?

As I understood correctly, when I configure a Zoom App, there is one backend Node.js server for which we assign the corresponding endpoints in the Zoom App configuration. When opening the app in the Zoom Meeting Client, the window will show the response of the GET “/” request that the server returned.
But is there a way to actually run a local server and a React.js app in the Zoom App instead of only returning the HTMLs from the backend? Is it possible?

In short, yes, you can run a React application and this is very common.

In fact, the embedded browser will perform any number of GET requests after the initial request to your home url, just like a standard browser when parsing html. For example, if your html has script tags requesting JS/React files or css or images, it will fetch them. Note that you’ll need to add these domains to your app’s build flow in the allowed list.

As for running from local, you’ll need to set up a forward proxy in order to serve from localhost. This is because 1) the localhost domain doesn’t work; this is just disabled for security, and 2) only https (vs http) protocol is supported - often localhost dev servers run on http.

Check out some examples in our reference apps:

The 5 ways to Integrate Zoom in React Application with the help of Angular Development Company are:

Adding Events: This method is used to create a new event.

Live Streaming: This method starts or stops streaming on a scheduled meeting.

Removing Events: This method deletes an event by its ID number.

Embedding: You can embed a Zoom meeting into a web page with this.

Listing Meetings: An Angular Development Company provides a way for you to list sessions.

You Need to Use a Zoom UPI
You can list all active meetings from the /meetings endpoint using the Zoom API. You can also list past sessions from the /past_meetings endpoint. When a Past Meeting is retrieved, it will include any recorded audio and video files from that meeting.

In addition to a past meeting and recording information, you can also retrieve downloaded files through the /past_recordings endpoint.

The Zoom Web SDK makes it easy to get started with the Angular framework by providing an angular module. This angular module integrates the Zoom Web SDK into an angular mobile or web application that is based on the architecture of Angular 1. x and 2+.

React Js helps integrate Zoom in React applications by making it easy to develop complex UI tasks. The advantage is that if we use any 3rd party control/tool, you need to take care of it to support various devices with different resolutions.

The Zoom integration toolkit for React Js is suitable for web-based and mobile apps. The components can be used in any app building and React framework, but it’s essential to build the app using rendering.

ZITR also provides a polyfill to support older browsers, including non-ES5 compatible browsers. Without any doubt, the developers use React Js Development Services to develop interactive and compatible web user interfaces for various applications.

Zoom is a collaboration platform that you can use for cloud video conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems (Zoom API in React app).

It offers full unified communication as a service (UCaaS) solution. As a result, react JS Development Services have come up with mind-boggling applications and websites that have transformed web browsing experiences completely.

Meanwhile, Zoom has taken over the business communication world by storm during these challenging times of the pandemic. The video conferencing tool has made an effortless way for organizations to stay connected and carry out communication within the group from any part of the world.

A React Js Development Company can help integrate Zoom into a React application at all stages of its development. Traditional software development life cycle consists of; project preparation when the requirements are defined and assessed, product design, build and release.

These steps are followed by support and maintenance. React Js Development agencies stay at the forefront of the new web and mobile application development age. As a result, zoom integration in the React Js application is becoming a very common requirement.

Rachel Gomez