Access Denied for Global Service files

When attempting to initialize and run the fully customizable web SDK, I get an access denied error when trying to load a file from the Zoom Global Service:

I have a valid signature, topic, username and password. I just can’t get access to the global resources.

index.umd.js:1 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 403

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Download the zoom-instant-sdk-web-1.0.0 and include it in your project.
Initialize the client and generate a signature following the docs.
Join the session with the .join function:

const client = ZoomInstant.createClient();
client.init(“en-US”, “Global”);

const signature = [your server-side signature call]

.join(topic, signature, userName, password)
.then(() => {
console.log(“Successfully joined a session.”);
.catch((error) => {


Device (please complete the following information):
Windows 10 Desktop, Chrome 87.0.4280.88

Hey @kyle46 ,

Thanks for letting us know. Our SDK Engineers are looking into the issue. (CS-2830) I will get back to you with an update soon.


Same issue I am facing

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Thanks for letting us know @aatir . We are working to fix the issue.