Mapfiles access denied

I try to get access as a web client to an exsiting meeting (which I created through the browser on my cost-free account).

i do in index.js

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘’, ‘/av’);

and in the web file

<!-- import ZoomMtg -->
<script src=""></script>

then I try to start join from my php file with

So, why do I get this access denied?

signature: ‘<?php echo $zoomSignature; ?>’,
meetingNumber: ‘<?php echo $meetingNumber; ?>’,
userName: ‘<?php echo $zoomUserName; ?>’,
apiKey: ‘<?php echo $apiKey; ?>’,
userEmail: ‘<?php echo $zoomUserMail; ?>’,
passWord: ‘<?php echo $meetingPassword; ?>’,
success: (success) => {
error: (error) => {

Hi @cpp01,

Thanks for reaching out about this. It looks like you might be trying to load one of the source files directly in your browser, is that right?

I should note that you will want to test the Web SDK by running it locally first. Have you tried downloading our latest sample app here and running it locally?

You’ll find instructions for installation and running the project in the above repo.


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