Accessing and streaming audio & video stream from zoom client

I am new to zoom dev forum. I have few questions popping off. It will be really helpful if someone clarifies it.

  1. I want to access audio & video stream of a participant of a zoom meeting and in real-time I want to stream it to a server. Can someone please give me some direction on how to accomplish this.

  2. Our preferred mode of streaming the audio & video data is through webRTC signalling channel, so is it possible to use webrtc for streaming a participant’s data.

  3. If I create a video session from zoom video web sdk, then is there a way to join it from zoom client. Or if we have a zoom meeting then can we join it from an app built on zoom video web sdk? I read the documentation, so just asking this to confirm my understanding.

Thanks for spending your time on this.

Hey @krunal.patil,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m happy to help out here!

Currently, the Web SDK does not support live streaming but you can set up live streaming with the Zoom app.

However, the Zoom app currently uses RTMP for live streaming instead of WebRTC.

Yes, you can join existing meetings or have others with the Zoom app join your meeting when using the Web SDK. You can think of the Web SDK essentially as an embeddable Zoom Web Client. It should have the same features and behavior.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


I think he meant the Video SDK (for web), that is, the thing previously called ”Fully Customizable SDK”.

Video sessions are separate from Zoom meetings, and there’s no connection between them, right?

Hey @daniel2,

I appreciate the input, that could be. When it comes to the Video SDK, we don’t support live streaming out of the box. However, because you have access to the raw video and audio with the Video SDK, this is something that you could implement.

Yes, that’s correct.


Thanks @MaxM, this helps.

Thanks @daniel2 that is exactly what I meant.

So according to my understanding, if I live stream from zoom app, then the audio and video stream which I receive at my backend will consist of audio & video from all participants, correct me if I am wrong at this. So is it possible to stream audio and video of each participants.

Also, is it possible in real-time to stream audio and video from my backend to the zoom app and display it in the zoom app as an individual participant? Like a virtual participant.

Thanks for your time.

Hey @krunal.patil,

Thank you for the update. First, I want to correct myself from earlier. It is indeed possible to live stream with the Video SDK it just isn’t possible when using the Web Video SDK (it works for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows SDKs).

With that being said, it doesn’t seem like it is possible to live stream a single participants video/audio with either methods.

We are adding some features that may make this easier in the future but for the time being, you would need to run Zoom on your backend and create a virtual camera and microphone to use for that meeting. You would then be able to send video and audio to your virtual devices which would be used for the meeting. However, we don’t have a way to automate this process with the SDKs/APIs that we have.


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Hi @MaxM,
Thank you so much for spending time on this, for now I will work on these things and get back to you in case of any queries.

I’m happy to hear that was helpful! Feel free to reach out if you encounter any further issues or questions.


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