Zoom SDK for livestreaming

My requirement is to show ongoing webinars live on my website. Is it possible to do this only using zoom SDK and without any streaming services like youtube or vimeo?
I believe that SDK is just for taking the webinar/meeting experience to a custom website/domain and it is only accessible to those who are involved in the event(host and registered attendees in case of webinar). Is that the case? Or is there any way to achieve live streaming-like functionality using SDK? I mean like attendees can join and others with the website URL can watch the webinar live. Is it possible?

This will help you https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/video/windows/advanced/live-stream-uk49s

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Thanks for sharing this! Yes, our Video SDK can be used for live streaming Video SDK sessions. Note that Video SDK is not compatible with our Meeting and Webinar APIs.

You can also livestream webinars (which are compatible with Meeting SDK) to a custom site by following this support guidance.

You can update the live stream using this endpoint.

Does this help?

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I hope this could help. Thank you

I tried this, but again Iā€™m stuck at the streaming configuration. (streaming key and URL).
As I mentioned in the topic, I do not have any third-party streaming service configured. I just need to confirm whether it is possible to set up live streaming or live streaming-like functionality(where people can either participate or watch the webinar) only using Zoom SDK.