Accessing Audio Stream of a Live Meeting Without Recording

I want to know how to access the live audio stream of the zoom meeting . I know there have been several posts created on this but it doesn’t match my requirement.
Here’s what my requirement is.

  • Accessing audio stream of a live meeting, preferably with speaker labels i.e., who said what.
  • No recording/live streaming status to be shown to the participants.
  • No recording on the zoom cloud either.

There are several options as far as I have explored that match the first requirement but not the second.

  1. MeetingSDK provides the raw audio stream but the participants are notified that the meeting is being recorded.
  2. REST APIs provide option to do cloud recording but don’t provide direct access to the audio stream
  3. Third party apps that tap into computer’s audio to store it. But I don’t want to use an external app, I want to accomplish this with my own code.

It is also alright if just the live transcript is available if audio is not accessible

As far as I know there are third party apps like Fireflies, Recall and other notetakers where a bot is able to join the meeting and able to store the meeting audio for the user to access later with transcribing functionalities. I’m trying to find out how they’re able to store the meeting’s audio without triggering record.

Thanks in advance!

@bratin.mallick ,

Thanks so much for reaching out to us on the Zoom developer forum! I am happy to help clarify things for you. If you want to access raw streams, you’d use one of the Zoom client SDKs and trigger the recording notification prompt. This is a policy that Zoom has in place and third-party apps like Fireflies, and Recall adhere to this policy- you can find more about accessing raw audio stream in this helpful documentation here:

If there’s anything else you’re curious about, don’t hesitate to ask!

Hey @bratin.mallick, happy to help.

Desktop app method

The only method that satisfies all your requirements is to build a desktop app that captures computer audio + speaker metadata by analyzing the Zoom window.

Meeting bot method

The meeting bot method used to not show the recording status.
But since late last year, new requirements from Zoom mean that all bots need to tell everyone that it is recording to be compliant.

If you end up going with the bot method, you should check out
It’s a simple 3rd party API that lets you use meeting bots to get raw audio/video from meetings and interact with participants without you needing to spend months to build, scale and maintain these bots.