Accessing Live Meeting Transcript or Live Audio Feed?


I’m helping run a software development class at a university and there are a number of student teams that are interesting in building Zoom applications for their term projects. Many of the proposed projects require access to either the live transcript of a meeting in progress or access to the live audio feed. If we had access to the live transcript that would be perfect, but even getting access to the live audio feed would allow us to implement our own automatic speech recognition system and go from there.

However, I’ve been looking around at the API and SDKs for how to access these kinds of functionalities and it seems like either it doesn’t exist (in the case of accessing the live transcript) or access has been removed fairly recently (in the case of the raw audio buffers/feeds). Of course, it could also be the case that I have missed this piece of functionality in either the API/SDK documentation, in which case I would be thrilled to be pointed in the right direction.

Is there any possibility of us programmatically getting access to the live transcripts of a meeting in progress and being able to use that within our application?


I would really love an answer to this question