Account API - Invalid token

I am trying to call the accounts and billing APIs. But always showing invalid access token. Other requests like
worked properly with the same token.
I am using a Account-level , Server-To-Server OAuth App

Is there anything missed from my side?

Thanks In Advance

Hi @avinash1 , what kind of account structure do you have? I.e. master sub-account?

Please share the exact endpoint you’re hitting.


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Thank You for the response

My account type is Pro (Named Host) and i am trying with owner role.

The end points are

But always showing invalid access token


Hi @avinash1 ,

Those endpoints are for account owners with master account structure

If you are the account owner, pass me for the account id parameter and let me know if it works!

Please also confirm you have the right scopes for the endpoint: Zoom Meeting API