Account does not enabled REST API in PHP

I am facing the same issue previously it was working before but it is not working now and it is showing me this error

[code] => 200
[message] => Account does not enabled REST API.
When I am creating a meet url my meeting array is

[topic] => Booking Meeting
[agenda] => Booking Meeting
[settings] => Array
[host_video] =>
[participant_video] => 1
[join_before_host] => 1
[audio] => 1
[approval_type] => 2
[waiting_room] =>

[password] => J2zD7L


I am creating user id by this function

public function getUserId()
        $response = $this->client->doRequest(
            ['userId' => Config::$email]
        if ($this->client->responseCode() == 200) {
            return $response['id'];
        } else {
            return $response;

Can you please help me in this case

Hi @bloommedico ,

There are quite a few threads on this. Please search the forum for “account does not enabled rest api” :slight_smile:


Is Rest API enabled for your account? As a test, can you try to create a meeting with a tool like Postman? This will help isolate the issue. In the meantime, you can also take a look at this post with a similar issue :

Hi @donte.zoom ,

How I can check is REST enabled in my account ? Previously (10-15 days earlier) it was working perfectly and meeting too was created with the data but now it is not working. Should I share some more details of my account that you can look into this matter?

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Upon checking on App Marketplace. It is showing that my JWT ap is deprecated. Is this is the possible reason for the same error? and if it is then should I have to create new JWT app?

Hi Team,

I have figured out the issue it was my JWT app and it was deprecated on Sep, 8. I have renabled it and will move it to OAUTH type. Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

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Hi @bloommedico , if you were using JWT app type as your internal app, move over to Server-to-Server OAuth app type.