Account.settings_updated Webhook requires an odd scope permission

I am trying out the account.settings_updated webhook event. When selecting the event it says this scope is required: “Required Account/Master Account’s Read And Write Scopes”. When I add this event to my application the system automatically adds this scope: “View and manage sub accounts/account:master”. I don’t have a sub-account so when I try to install the app for myself it fails as I don’t have permissions to Sub-accounts (I don’t have one so can’t even give myself the permission). . Am I doing something wrong here? feels like the scope is not correct. Why require a sub-account so I can get the master account’s setting change events?

The app is currently a chat bot


@gpinkham ,

I’m able to add the account.settings_updated event with the accompanying scope and install the app successfully (tested with webhook only and OAuth account level app). I do not have a Master-Subaccount set up, BUT I’m not receiving a notification for setting changes so I definitely want to look into this further. Thank you for sharing this issue with us.

Can you please open up a support ticket and include:

  • screenshots of your event set up,
  • the error you receive when you install the app,
  • the url link of the error page,
  • the email address(es) of the account admin and user where settings were changed

Link this thread in the support ticket please.

Thank you,

@gianni.zoom just want to make sure I’m adding this in the right place. when I go to that devsupport page the only thing I see for adding a support ticket is the main support link. is that correct? just add a technical support ticket?


Hi @gpinkham , yes that’s correct!

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