Active speaker identification in cloud recordings

We would like to identify who the active speaker is at any point in time of a cloud recorded meeting. We are currently accessing our user’s .mp4 recordings via an OAuth app and the Zoom API, but cannot determine how we can correlate the video timestamp with which meeting participant is speaking at any given time.

We’ve run into a roadblock. Although we have selected the “Save closed caption as a VTT file” in settings, no VTT file is available to download when we record a new meeting. Based on this forum answer (, a ‘Timeline’ file is available along with the VTT which may contain timestamps for us to correlate with. Do we (and our users) need to be on a Business/Enterprise plan to see and access the generated VTT & Timeline files via the Zoom API?

If we are unable to access the speaker information from the Zoom API, it seems we’ll be left to create an app from either the Video or Meeting SDK.

Hi @nickcromwell ,

At the moment, active speaker is not available through our Zoom Meetings API, but you are correct in identifying our SDKs for this.

As for the Timeline file, it should be available if you have configured your settings according to the documentation. The host will need a Pro or higher account in order to access these.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your settings please?


Thanks for the response.

It doesn’t appear I can embed photos in a post but I can confirm that I have “Saved Closed Caption as a VTT File” selected in Local and Cloud recording settings. I’m still unable to see the VTT or Timeline files generated.

Hi @nickcromwell , are you able to share your full request/response with me with sensitive info obscured so I can see what you’re seeing?