Add a registrant API - documentation/behavior mismatch

I’m working on building recovery logic for when our application tries to add a registrant to a meeting without registration enabled.

The documentation for the Add a meeting registrant API seems to state that if the API returns a response with a 404 status code and an error code of 404, then registration is not enabled (actually, the documentation formatting is really off, but I think that’s what it’s claiming). However, the observed behavior is that we get a 400 status code and an error code of 404.

What is the intended behavior? If the 400/404 combo is intended, would it be possible to update the documentation to match the actual behavior?
Thank you!

Hi @blichtman
Hope you are doing great! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Allow me to do some testing on my end and I will reach out to the Docs team to address this.

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