Registration has not been enabled happening before meeting and dissappears at some point

I have been using the Zoom API successfully for some time with no issue. For a couple of weeks, it sometimes happens that requests get the 404 registration has not been enabled for the create registrant API. This happens only to some of our users, because some are able to generate the join url we need in our app. The users keep trying to access the endpoint and zoom eventually answers with a 429 which appears because of rate limiting.
I find it very weird that this response appears for some participants, and for some it doesn’t (I also checked the approval_type (it is set to 1), but anyway some manage to register.
Seems like some recent changes have done this. Can you please hint a solution?

{“code”:404,“message”:“Registration has not been enabled for this meeting: 84467028605.”}

Hey @raresmldvn31,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. This seems to be related to a known issue which our engineering team is investigating as a priority.


In instances where you receive a 404/"registration not enabled for meeting *****." error, you can make a subsequent PATCH request to the Update Meeting API with the original meeting settings for the Meeting ID returned in the error. On successful update, you can then re-attempt the registrant request after you’ve made this Update request. For example:

If you receive an error such as 404/"Registration has not been enabled for this meeting: *******." you can have this trigger a request such as:

PATCH{{Meeting ID}}
    "approval_type": 0,
    "registration_type": 2

I’ll be sure to update you here as the issue progresses. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you very much for the quick answer. I will implement the workaround for now :smiley:

Thanks @raresmldvn31 — we will keep this thread updated with the fix that our team is working on for this. (ZOOM-313416)