Add a webinar registrant


I’ve successfully integrated the webinar registrant API and registrants are redirecting to join the webinar after their registration. The problem I’m having is I want to display the Affiliation of the user along with First Name and Last Name on the webinar video screen. For Instance: FirstName LastName, Affiliation.

My question is which parameter I can use so Affiliation starts displaying on the screen with FirstName and LastName?


Congratulations on successfully integrating the webinar registrant API and redirecting registrants to join the webinar. In the context of health insurance, I understand that you want to display the affiliation of the user alongside their first name and last name on the webinar video screen.

To achieve this, you can utilize custom fields or user attributes within the registration process. When capturing attendee information, including the affiliation field, you can associate it with the registrant’s details.

By using the appropriate parameter or variable within your webinar platform or API, you can then display the affiliation alongside the first name and last name on the webinar video screen. This will create a personalized experience for participants, highlighting their names and affiliations simultaneously.

I recommend referring to the documentation or support resources provided by your webinar platform or API provider. They can provide specific instructions on how to customize the registration process, capture custom fields such as affiliation, and display them on the webinar video screen.

If you require further assistance or have additional questions specific to health insurance or any related topic, please let me know, and I’ll be glad to help.