Where does Name & Email information goes after user enters on API created Webinar?

Hey guys, where (or is it possible) to look up the information (name & email) provided by the user who joined the API-created webinar?

Hi @erwolf, the solution may come from using a combination of a Webinar Events webhook and the Webinar API. You can set the Webinar webhook to notify you (via an app you create) each time a registrant/participant has joined the Webinar. This will provide the participant’s id (UUID), which can then be used to retrieve (GET) the first/last name and email of the participant.

Let us know if you have additional questions!

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@erwolf - To clarify further, those links above link to the specific suggested webhook and API endpoint.

Another just cam in, looks like your blog guy is online right now. :slight_smile:

Yes, @erwolf - we’re online during typical North American business hours. Let us know if the above solution works.