Add function to Zoom Windows Client Application

We have implemented with the web sdk an addon package for the attendees which provides some additional functions during attending the session in the browser. It is available on marketplace.

This package in not available when the pickers /attendees are joining with the client application instead of the browser based addon.
All documentation I found was about importing functions into an non-zoom app. But for me it is the other way around. I want to provide via api addon into the zoom client app which the attendee is using.
The pickers are supposed to open an invitation link which is not a zoom like but the zoom app is supposed to open the meeting provided which we plan from
I could not find in the documentation if this is possible to add functions also in there.
is this allowed - if it is please send me the link to the documentation.

What I found was the option for customizing the UI of the meeting but not adding a popup box like I want.
I hope you understand me - most spoken language in the world: BAD ENGLISH

Hey @TonyAx ,

Can you share the link to the app you are referring to on our marketplace?


Hi Tommy, here is the link to the addon

Thanks @TonyAx ,

Can you explain the issue you are having? I am not understanding.

What function are you trying to add?


Hi Tommy,
thank you for your response.

Mainly there is an increasing number or users attending the meeting with the Zoom client application becaus it is growing rapidly in Germany and they love eg. the virtual backgrounds etc. this is not possible when running picksl in the role as a picker within the browser.
There are improvements browserbased UX but the expectation of the users are rising because Zoom is now the common tool beside MS teams - which is in enterprises highly used. But people appreciate the easiery usage of Zoom Meetings…
in short: people shout be able to attend the picksl invitation link to the zoom meeting and get the addtional functions (mainly pick&note&createPDF or connect) also in Zoom client as it is functional available from in Zoom meetings for the attendees.
I hope this helps for understanding.

Hey @TonyAx,

Thank you for clarifying. Just to make sure I understand, you want to add some app functionality directly into the Zoom Client, correct? If so, you may be interested in our upcoming feature - Zoom Apps.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Max,
it seems that this is exactly the option I am looking for. Based on your client app I want to add some more features which the users love & miss today. I have created these and made this available in web webbased access for the attendees.
Is there some documentation availalable how this will be technically ? If you are looking for an initial partner for this new function i would appreciate to work with you guys together.
BR Axel

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Hey @TonyAx ,

Stay tuned for Zoom Apps general availability. :slight_smile: Zoom Apps | Zoom


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