Add meeting registrants using a webhook

When I want to add registrants to a Zoom webinar, it is pretty straighforward:
URL: Error - Zoom[Webinar ID]
Method: POST
Payload: first_name=Adam&last_name=Smith&

Is there a similar way how to do this for meetings?
I found this guide, but that is a bit more complicated:
marketplace. zoom. us/ docs/ api-reference/ zoom-api/ meetings/meetingregistrantcreate
(sorry for spaces in the URL, it didn’t let me post it)



Hey @Jan1,

The supported way to add meeting registrants programmatically is via this endpoint:

Please note that this is the equivalent of the Add Webinar Registrant API.


Hi Will,

Thank you for your reply. But the link that you posted is the same one that I mentioned in my original post.
I assume that there isn’t a simple webhook how to add participants to meetings the same way you can do it with webinars. Just a simple URL (the one that above was changed to Error-Zoom, but the link itself is correct and a simple payload. Right?


Hi @Jan1,

That’s correct—the endpoint shared here is currently the only way to add registrants to a meeting via API. I’m afraid we don’t support handling this via a webhook.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.


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