How many participant can be added as registrant to a meeting using API?


I have been adding registrant to a meeting that I use continuously
The API doesn’t declare any limits to adding registrant.
In this Thread @tommy says there’s no limit.

Yet, yesterday my app crashed throwing this error:

message: 'Meeting has reached maximum attendee capacity.'
code: 3043

The meetings have a max of 30 persons, but in my platform, I need to register my users to the meeting so it’s accessible.

The meeting registrants approved was 5000 I had to remove some of them so I don’t get the error.

Can someone explain this? Why the API is not clear about this?

I mean as a developer, zoom API and SDK is the worst in my career so far.
Nothing is clear, using your system has a lot of lottery development.
Half the solutions are found from users in the forum, it’s all about workarounds and poor documentation.

Hi @Safwen,

Thanks for reaching out about this. You should be able to register more registrants than the total maximum attendees.

To clarify, you receive this error in response to the Add Meeting Registrant API? If so, can you confirm the Meeting ID? I’m happy to take a closer look.


Thank you for your response.
Yes I’m using Add Meeting Registrant API
I have 3 meetings :

1: 84353258574
2: 88447585934
3: 87991889443

I noticed is that when approved registrants reaches 5000, it starts giving an error.

Hi @Safwen,

Thank you for confirming. To clarify, is there error coming from the API response or in the Zoom App UI? If it’s the latter, can you please share a screenshot? Additionally, can you confirm which Zoom plan you’re on?


Hi Will,

The error is coming from API side.
And I’m on a Pro plan

Hi @Safwen,

Thank you for clarifying.

I’m confirming this limitation with our Engineering team—it’s possible this is an undocumented restraint, but I will follow up with you here shortly. (ZOOM-260189)


Hi @Safwen,

I’ve confirmed that our max number of registrants is capped at 4999. Our team will be updating our docs to reflect this—thanks for raising it with us.


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