Add Zoom meeting links to Calendar via C# API


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Add Zoom meeting links to Calendar via C# API

We have a web application which allows visitors to schedule calls with Service Providers
The web app will show a calendar via which the end users can select a timeframe and create a call
We want to create Zoom meeting link via which the call can happen, ideally anyone can setup a call with anyone

I have created JWT app and I’m able to create meetings but JWT is being deprecated

We have built a Core Web API project to handle the requests via APIs.
So we want to create the meeting link via API and email the end user with the details.

I have tried the meeting SDK but not sure how to use it in C# as the wrapper that I download is just too huge to use in a serverless project.

Looking for some suggestions on how to achieve this, thanks in advance.

Sudharshan M

Hi @Sudhu
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
You are right, the JWT app type is being deprecated later this year and we are encouraging the community to migrate their JWT applications to use our Server-to-Server OAuth app type:

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