Adding a New Domain to an Existing Oauth ZOOM Application


I am reaching out regarding an existing Oauth application that we already have published on Zoom marketplace. We are currently working on a slightly modified version of the application, which will be hosted under new domain (not a subdomain), let’s say current version is deployed under and we deploy another version under domain. We do not retire current application so both will work in parallel under and domains.

Our query pertains to the functionality of the existing oauth ZOOM application, which is currently configured to work with the domain. We would like to inquire whether it is possible to include the as an additional domain (NOT A SUBDOMAIN) for the application. This would allow the OAuth redirect to function correctly with new domain, specifically redirecting to new oauth callback URL while keeping redirects to existing URL also working.

Presently, we are encountering an “Invalid redirect: /api /user /zoom /oauth_callback (4,700)” error when attempting to enable the Zoom integration from the domain.

Hello @vovan You can add the new domain to your allowlist once added it should resolve the error. Please do this by submitting a UPDATE Request more information on how to do this is here: Updating an App

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you, that helped.