Adding internal numbers in SIP connected audio to specific sub-accounts adds those numbers to all sub-accounts in the master acount

If you add an specific internal number to a specific sub-account this number will be also assigned to all other sub-accounts of the master account as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Assign SCA configuration to sub-account
  2. Add internal number to sub-account
  3. Verify that number is not in the list of available internal numbers of the master account
  4. Verify that number is assigned to sub-account
  5. Observe that number is suddenly also assigned to each and every other sub-account (even free trials without SIP connected audio plan)
  6. Try to delete number from all the other sub-accounts. (Observe, that you can’t delete an assigned number from a non-SCA-enabled account)
  7. Create developer topic in dev forum.

Please advise!

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