Import Phone Numbers into Zoom via the api

Import Phone Numbers into Zoom via the api.

There is a GET request:
Can we have similar POST request?

Hey @biurchenkov, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Is this the endpoint you are looking for: ?

If not, can you provide more details about how you’d like the requested endpoint to work?


Thank you @tommy, but NO.
the one you mentioned allows to Assign existing Zoom Phone to a Zoom User.

While would be nice to have a way via the api to Upload Phone numbers into the zoom, right now i have to generate a CSV file and Upload CSV, which will fail if any number is duplicate…

It should be super Simple Post request with the Body which will contain at least an Array of Phone Numbers, which I want to Upload.
“Phone Number”: +19998881122,
“Carrier”: “BYOC”

Hey @biurchenkov,

Thanks for sharing more details. I agree this would be a useful feature, and I have added it as a feature request to our backlog. (ZOOM-140666)

Stay updated here:


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