Adding Zoom Classroom feature in my App

I have Integrated the sdk and it is working fine.Now i want to use the webinar feature with whiteboard for online classroom feature.I wanted to know if Zoom allows us to do so and if yes where can i find the documentation for the same.

** version?**

Hi @VipinRai, thanks for using the devforum.

If you are using the default meeting UI, you may share the whiteboard from your device by tapping the share button in the UI and selecting the whiteboard option. This does not require any additional implementation on your end if you are using the default UI.

For additional info on using the whiteboard, the support page provides a guide that can get you started.

Alternatively, let me know if you are not using the default UI (i.e. you are utilizing the customized in-meeting UI and have built your meeting UI from scratch).


Hi @jon.lieblich Thanks for answering my query. Actually you answered only a part of my question. I wanted to know if i can use the virtual classroom feature of Zoom by integrating this sdk.Like the feature of raising hands, host muting/unmuting specific person in call. Summing it up i want to create a session where i have complete control of the flow.

Hi @VipinRai, thanks for clarifying.

The only piece of functionality you described that would not be available in the SDK’s default UI is the host being able to unmute participants. The host will only be able to mute participants and it is up to the participant to decide when they wish to unmute their mic.

For more information on what the default UI looks like, we recommend checking out our quickstart guide.