Implementing Whiteboard Feature into Client

Hello all,
I am currently working on a product which involves communication through a shared whiteboard. I wish to leverage Zoom’s video meeting services to make this project easier and simpler for the potential clients to use. I am aware of Zoom’s current whiteboard feature but I am wondering if it’s feasible to add features to Zoom’s whiteboard or even implement my own version of a shared whiteboard on-top of the Zoom client using the Desktop SDKs?


Hi @fabio182,

Thanks for the post. Yes, this is possible with Windows SDK. If you are using the Custom UI, then you will have full control over the UI and you can implement your own version of the shared whiteboard.


Hi. and feature share whiteboard / polls in webSDK… still working? I’m facing on this issue.

Hey @wjncm9x,

Can you open a new thread in #web-meeting-sdk?


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Hi @Michael_Condon .Could you help me, I can not see share button when start meeting on Safari browser?

Hi @wjncm9x,

As Michael mentioned, please use the #web-meeting-sdk category for help with the Web SDK. The category you have posted to is meant for the Windows SDK.