adjustRenderedVideoPosition doesn't work unless quality is set to 0

Hi all! I have a working React app using the Video SDK. Everything works great, with one exception - when I’m trying to adjust the layout of the video call, stream.adjustRenderedVideoPosition doesn’t work unless the argument for video quality is set to 0. That is, calling

stream.adjustRenderedVideoPosition(canvas, 16779264, 480, 270, 480, 270, 0)

will have the intended effect, but

stream.adjustRenderedVideoPosition(canvas, 16779264, 480, 270, 480, 270, 3)

will do nothing. This behavior seems to be the same regardless of what the original video quality was, where it was previously positioned, or where in the React lifecycle I call adjustRenderedVideoPosition, including from the browser console.

My workaround has been to simply stopRenderVideo and renderVideo for every user whenever the list of participants changes, which obviously isn’t ideal since it causes some noticeable flickering whenever someone joins or leaves.

I’ve tried running the sample app (react-video-sdk-demo), and adjustRenderedVideoPosition seems to work there, so I’m not sure why it isn’t working in my application. Any help is appreciated!

Which Web Video SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook Pro
  • OS: macOS 12.5.1
  • Browser: Chrome

Hey @ycz

Thanks for your feedback.

The last parameter of stream. adjustRenderedVideoPosition is not the video quality. The purpose of this method is to adjust the coordinate position of the video on the canvas

You can try the stream.renderVideo() with the same userId and the latest video quality again. It’s unnecessary to call the stream.stopRenderVideo in this case, we will handle it properly inside the Video SDK Web.


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