Position of rendered video is not as expected

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Video SDK Type and Version
Web VideoSDK v 1.9.8

I’m trying to render all streams (including self) on one canvas. I’m now seeing weird behavior, where I call stream.renderVideo with coordinates (1,1), but the video is being displayed in the bottom of the canvas, e.g. at (1,200). Any clues as to why this is?

Hey @fides-it

Thanks for your feedback.

I apologize for the inconvenience. There is a slight disparity in the coordinate origin between the stream.renderVideo method and the DOM. The coordinate origin is the bottom-left corner of the canvas, which means that when calculating the y-axis coordinate, you need to subtract the y-axis coordinate in the DOM from the height of the canvas.


ahh thanks… I got it working now. I also had to deduct the height of the rendered video btw, because I used the top left coordinate of the video as position

placement.y + (this.viewHeight) - placement.height