Admin Download of Cloud Recordings

Noob question on Zoom API. We have Cloud Recordings, but our sales manager wants every cloud recording, for every sales person, downloaded. I have a NAS set up, and I muddled through to figure out how to download the recordings in PHP. That part’s great.

What’s not great: I see some users more than one Meeting ID.

case 1. someone only uses their personal meeting room: I have their recordings. I put the recordings in their share, and all is good.

case 2. someone has more than one meeting room; they’re creating new meeting ID’s for every meeting. I can’t seem to download all of their recordings. Just their one meeting ID on their personal room. I miss the others.

It seems like I have to already have the meeting ID + their user info + the whole URL to be able to download the link.

I feel like I’m missing something simple. Is there a way I can build an array for users’ meetings with every meeting ID?

If there’s an easier way you do this, I’m open to suggestions. Thank you.

Hi @it118 , what about the List all recordings endpoint where you pass the user’s accountId?

Could this address case 2?