/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings does not return all recording files

I’ve multiple cloud recordings for a meeting which were recorded during last few days (May 28th, May 31st):

When I do a get request to /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings, it returns only 2 files from May, 31st.

Hey @omazinov, thanks for reaching out!

For the {meetingId} param, are you passing the meeting ID or the meeting UUID?
If you pass the meeting ID, you get all the recordings for the latest meeting with that ID, so in your case the meeting on the 31st.

If you pass the meeting UUID, you get all the recordings for that specific meeting. So if you gave it the uuid of the meeting on the 28th at 11:42 you would get those recordings


If you want to list all the recordings for all the meetings (in your case all the recordings for the 3 days) use this endpoint,

Let me know if this helped!

Hi @tommy. Thank you very much, now I see the problem. There’s no endpoint for getting all meeting instances for a certain meetingId. Getting all recordings via /users/{userId}/recordings endpoint does not look good, because I need only one meetingId for a particular userId (which I don’t have, I’ve got only meetingId)
So it’s not convenient to grab all meetings across all users, then walk through all users and filter by that particular meetingId. I can imagine walking through tens of users having hundreds of meetings.

You are welcome @omazinov!

I see your issue! This endpoint might actually help. It gets all the meetings on an account and then in your code you could filter the meetings it returns by the meetingId you have.

Let me know if this helps!

Ok, but again it’s not very convenient as I would end up doing multiple requests: 1st for retrieving all meetings and then many requests for getting recordings by UUIDs. Also filtering through hundreds of meetings instead of specifying the target meetingId doesn’t look right.
Summing things up, my use case is to get all recordings by a meetingId. Ideally, I want to do one request, e.g. /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings to obtain all recordings through all instances of the meeting. Another solution I see is to have an endpoint which returns all instances of a particular meeting, so then I can have an array of UUIDs, which I use then for doing multiple /meetings/{meetingUUID}/recordings requests. I would be happy to see /users/{userId}/meetings endpoint more useful, i.e. if it has an additional query parameter ‘meetingId’ and has ‘recordings’ array in response body.

@omazinov Thanks for the feedback, I will share with the team and let you know when there becomes a more convenient way to get all recordings by meetingId.