After Updating Alternative host to the Meeting , Meeting Id becomes invalid for the user through API

User is using our product in which he reassign the meeting to alternative host but in doing so meeting id becomes invalid. The same meeting was working before, but after updating this is causing trouble.

This is happening to this user only, It’s a Professional Zoom Account and reassigned user is also having Professional Account.

Meeting id - 84682613744

Zoom Url

Zoom Body -
“topic” : “Shaurabh bhatt - ISA Internal”,
“duration” : 60,
“start_time” : “2022-11-30T15:30:00”,
“password” : null,
“settings”: {

Alternative host is hidden as per privacy of our user. but both belong to same organization.

Not sure why this is happening. I have already raised this issue.

Devforum Issue Link

Hi @shashank.mishra
I am currently working on this issue and doing some testing on my end and I am not able to replicate the behavior that you are describing.

I am doing the following:

  1. Creating a meeting with a POST request
  2. Updating that meeting with a PATCH request to the meeting that I created previously and assigning an alternative_host
  3. Starting that meeting successfully

Could you please share a detailed explanation of what steps you are following?

Hi @elisa.zoom
The steps used by you is similar to what we are doing and this is user specific, we are trying to figure out by setting change in zoom also but not able to find anything alike.
Can there be any specific setting which can lead to this. No other user is facing this.

Hi @shashank.mishra
Thanks for confirming this.
I will send you a private message again so we can look into some settings to see if there is something overwriting this API call.