After Updating Alternative host to the Meeting , Meeting Id becomes invalid for the user

User is using our product in which he reassign the meeting to alternative host but in doing so meeting id becomes invalid. The same meeting was working before, but after updating this is causing trouble.

This is happening to this user only, It’s a Professional Zoom Account and reassigned user is also having Professional Account.

Meeting Id - 82686464645

Meeting Link Launch Meeting - Zoom

Hi @shashank.mishra
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
When the user is changing the alternative host, are they doing so via API or manually?

Hi @elisa.zoom
Thanks for replying
User is doing it via API and this is happening for him only.

hi @shashank.mishra
Could you please ask them to share with you the request URL that they are sending along with the request body and response body so I can debug further?

Hi @elisa.zoom,
Give me some time, I will send all the data requested.

Thanks a lot @shashank.mishra
Whenever you have the data available please tag me here so I get a notification
Have a lovely weekend! :slight_smile: