All participants are a manager on joining

Anyone who joins a session is automatically set as being a manager.

I discovered this when attempting to makeManager on a participant who shouldn’t have been a manager yet. I was doing this to test the following fix:

Which Web Video SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a new session (Host)
  2. Second participant join that session
  3. The new participant is a manager

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook Pro
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version: 95.0

Hey @nickuk ,

Happy to clear things up! :slight_smile: We currently don’t support the co-host like feature in Video SDK and have no plans to at the moment, so calling makeManager method will return the timeout error who shouldn’t have been a manager yet.


Hi @tommy,

Thanks for the update.

Should everyone be a manager by default then? As that’s what is currently happening. I’m just wondering what isManager and makeManager is for if it serves no purpose? Or do you have to revokeManager on anyone that joins that shouldn’t be a manager?

I’m just really confused as your documentation specifically says the opposite to what you’re saying above, saying managers function as co-hosts:

“Managers are participants with the ability to administrate meeting, such as by managing other participants or locking screen sharing. In this way, managers can function as co-hosts. There can be many managers in a meeting.”


Which then goes on to tell you how to makeManager/revokeManager.



Hey @vic.yang , can you chime in here?

Yes, there is a revokeManager function: VideoClient | @zoom/videosdk

I believe the first user to join is considered the host.


Hey @nickuk ,

We are investigating a bug around this, please stay tuned.


Hi @tommy ,

Just wondering if there are any updates on this?

Thanks a lot,


Hey yes I faced sometimes but not always.

Hi @tommy / @vic.yang ,

Do you have any update on this, was this found to be a bug, and will it be fixed soon?

This is really two fold:

  1. So that everyone isn’t a manager automatically
  2. So that the host can call makeManager to give someone manager privileges.

Note: Even in 1.1.7 everyone is still a manager automatically.

Thanks a lot,


Hi @tommy,

There has been a real lack in responsiveness since before Christmas on issues. This one in particular highlighted 2.5 months ago without resolution.

Is the Web Video SDK still undergoing active development or has it been sidelined?

I could really do with knowing, as this issue and now another issue with the screenshare not working (operation timeout on the viewing side) are now causing us to think we need to cut our losses in development and move to a different provider.

If you could please provide an update that would be appreciated.



Hey @nickuk ,

Sorry for the late reply here, we have been busy building new features. :slight_smile:

In the 1.2.0 Native Video SDK release, there is now a role you can set, 1 for host, 0 for participant.


  • Improved role management. All users now require a defined role_type :
    • role_type=1 — The user is the host. Only one user should have this role. If they leave the session and rejoin, they will regain host privileges.
    • role_type=0 — The user is an attendee. Other users should be assigned to this role.

This will also be included in the next Web Video SDK release.


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